Top Real Estate Apps

Top Real Estate Apps
– Obviously. If you only have one app on your smart phone or tablet that will assist you with finding your perfect home or cottage, this is the one to have.  This user-friendly app is free, well designed and makes your search for your ideal REALTOR® and property fast and easy. This app has so many great features, here are just a few: 

  • Quickly search for all homes or cottages for sale in your desired area simply by entering a nearby street intersection, a lake name, town, etc.
  • Find the REALTOR® that is the right fit for your needs
  • Create a ‘My Stuff’ folder that includes a saved searches, your REALTORS®, favourites and more.
  • Use tools to calculate a mortgage, plan your route, and find out about open houses and more.

Canadian Real Estate 6 in 1 Calculator
- this app was created REALTOR®, however, it is an excellent and resourceful tool for buyers and sellers alike.  This app assists you in determining what you can afford, what expenses you may incur, etc. when buying or selling your home or cottage. This app calculates the following:

  • Mortgage
  • Land Transfer Tax
  • Square Footage
  • Rent vs. Buying
  • Sales Renumeration
  • CMHC

- If you’re not a mathematician and you need to convert hectares to acres or metres to feet in a matter of seconds, you will want a unit conversion app. In our humble opinion iConvert is the easiest and best unit converter on the market and it’s free. Its clever user interface allows you to convert almost any unit in a matter of seconds. All it takes is three easy steps, all on one screen. So forget about trying to do the math on your own us iConvert and it’ll do all the work for you.


Sun Seeker
– You’ve been searching for the perfect cottage and the position of the sun is very important to you, especially during the critical tanning months in July & August. Or, you love a beautiful sunset and you want to lounge on your lake facing deck and take in those epic sunsets all year round.  Maybe you’re an early bird and want to catch a stunning sunrise. Regardless of your sun mission, the Sun Seeker app is the one you want. It will show you the solar path, its hour intervals, the winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times, plus a map view to see how many daylight hours are left in a day and a full calendar of sun rises and sets. If it is sun you seek, this is the app for you.


– When you finally decide on a property that you love and want to put in an offer, you are going to sign and initial a lot of documents. The entire process can be very time consuming. This app will save you time and hand cramps - signing documents has never been so easy. It’s simple and secure and with just a few clicks on your mobile device, computer or tablet. Once this free app is installed, the set-up is very user friendly and adding your signature and initials can be done with a click of your camera phone.  Try it once and you’ll never look back!

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