OMHA: PeeWee AE Otters Champions

Congratulations to OMHA PewWee AE Huntsville Otters Championship!

Join the team this Friday April 17th at 6pm for a Victory Ride down from the Summit Centre, down Main Street to Huntsville Place Mall in Huntsville.   

This is the first PewWee AE team to take this title, so it's kind of a big deal for our town! 

We have a special connection to the team because one of the players is Mark's youngest son Ben, way to go Ben on your BIG win! We are so proud of you! 

Come out and support the boys and congratulate them on the OMHA championship BIG win this Friday at 6pm!  This is a great accoomplishment for the team & our town, let's show them how proud we are of them. The entire team will be in attendamce and accompanied for our OPP and the local Fire Department.


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