Offering HDR Photography for Your Muskoka Real Estate

The real estate market in Muskoka is extremely competitive. Simply being situated in Muskoka can make selling your cottage or home more difficult.  With so many properties for sale in our area that have waterfront amenities or beautiful scenic views it can be extremely difficult to make your property seem unique to a potential buyer. Studies have shown that more than ninety per cent of buyers begin their search online. This means that they are looking at literally hundreds of photographs, searching for that one special property that stands out from the rest. As a Muskoka realtor, it is my business to understand our market and tailor your listing accordingly.

In my continuing effort to provide you with the best possible service I have begun utilizing a different style of real estate photography. It has been proven that more photos and higher quality photos will make your property sell faster and for a potentially higher price. A recent survey shows that a house or cottage for sale in Muskoka with only a single photograph spends an average of seventy days on the market, while a property with fifteen photos takes on average only thirty five days. As well, the quality of these photos has a huge effect on listing times. For this reason I am now employing the technology of HDR photography.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. An HDR photograph is created through a process of taking multiple photographs of the same view and then using software to alter the contrast of the photo for a more artistic and visually striking finished product. While the creation of the photograph can be quite complicated, the benefits are amazingly simple:  the finished product is a much more visually appealing photo. An HDR photograph virtually does away with images that are too bright and washed out as well as those that are dark and hard to see. Taking HDR photos of your property allows me to make your Muskoka home or cottage feel warmer and more inviting to potential buyers. With the ability to subtly change both lighting and shadow, I am able to highlight the elements of your property that are the most appealing to your potential buyer.  Indoor features such as fireplaces, custom kitchen cabinetry or beautiful bathroom features can be emphasized to stand out from your photograph. Outdoor vistas such as docks and boathouses, decks, porches and beautiful views can be highlighted. Take a look at the photo examples that I have included. You will instantly be able to see what I mean when I say that the HDR photos are more stunning to look at. The end result of this HDR process are photos that become instantly more appealing than the hundreds of others a potential purchaser has already seen. By making your property look unique I can increase both the interest in and the value of your home or cottage.

As your Muskoka real estate professional I promise to be on the forefront of new and beneficial technology.  HDR photography is simply one example of how I am striving to meet and exceed both your needs and the desires of your potential buyers. 

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