Buying Your Muskoka Cottage in the Fall

Choosing The Right Muskoka Cottage For Sale

The leaves are turning, and the nights are getting cooler.  The summer that never really showed up turned into a fall of unseasonably warm and dry weather.  Cottage country is still bustling as the sunny weekend forecasts have brought people to the Muskoka area for one last great weekend at the cottage.  If you fit in to the camp of “we really want to purchase a cottage property, but time got away from us this summer”, it’s not too late.  Fall can be the best time to start looking for a cottage property. 

If you’ve just made the decision to purchase a cottage next summer, consider starting your search now.  While the market starts to quiet down, there is no better time to view a few properties with your Muskoka Realtor.  This will improve your buying position come spring when you have an idea of what is on the market this fall, and what properties sell for as winter approaches.  Knowing which area of Muskoka you would like to target for your Spring Muskoka cottage search will ensure that you don’t miss out on any listings come April.  Keeping in touch with a Muskoka real estate agent over the winter months can help you get a feel for the market, and ongoing conversation will make you feel more comfortable at the time of purchase.

There is always the chance that you may find that perfect spot this fall.  If this is the case, you can look forward to creating some new family memories at the cottage over the winter.  There are still plenty of cottages for sale in Muskoka, and if you decide to purchase, choose a closing date before the snow flies. There is so much going on in the Muskoka area over the winter months, it is no longer just a summer spot, it is a 4-season destination.  There are many community events to enjoy, most notably the Gravenhurst Winter Carnival and Bracebridge’s Fire and Ice Festival.  Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville is a multi-season attraction featuring the ever-popular 1.5km ice skating trail. Throughout Muskoka you will find an abundance of winter activities from snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country and downhill skiing, tubing, ice fishing and so much more!

If you decide to start your cottage search this fall, consider contacting the Aben Team for all your Muskoka real estate needs.  We know the history of each Muskoka property for sale, how long it has been listed for and if there have been any price reductions.  We can tell you information about the specific lake you’re interested in and other Muskoka cottage sales in this area.  It varies listing to listing; however, keep in mind when you are looking at cottages in the fall season you may run into a scenario where a seller is more willing to negotiate, as they get closer to winter.

We hope that no matter when you decide to purchase a cottage, be sure to trust a local Muskoka realtor who can provide expertise on the local market as well as passing along knowledge about the area you are purchasing in.  Enjoy the search process, and know that all the research you put into it now will be worthwhile when you are enjoying your waterfront from your Muskoka Chair on the dock next summer or strapping on snowshoes to hike across the lake after a fresh snowfall this winter. 

Contact the Aben Team today and let's get your search started! 

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