The Aben Team 2015 Fitness & Wellness Challenge

John, Michelle & Mark Post Work-Out


As we enter into the New Year we want to take a new approach as a team and focus on our individual physical health and well-being in 2015.    

It is a known fact that physical activity can enhance your mental and emotional well-being. Staying healthy and active has many positive effects including reducing stress & anxiety, boosting energy and strengthening your immune system.  

As a team, we have committed to changing some of our bad habits and making positive changes to our lifestyles in 2015!   To get started on the right track we have initiated a 12 week Aben Team Fitness & Wellness Challenge. Our journey to better health and wellness began on Monday January 12th, 2015.  The challenge will end with a final weigh-in and measurements on April 6, 2015.   

In order to achieve our goals and new well-being, we have committed to working out at Fitt Gym & Personal Training Studio a minimum of three days a week and introducing a clean eating lifestyle.     

We are committed to sharing our fitness & wellness challenge progress with all of our followers. We will share with you from time to time how we are making out, our weekly and monthly success’ stories.  By sharing with you this will allow us to keep us all accountable and to let you know we are a committed team.    

We have promised to support one and other on this adventure and from time to time gloating is permitted.  

At the end of this challenge there may be one person who has lost the most inches or the most weight, but really we’re all winners. By working as a team and committing to getting healthier.   

Wish us luck and thank you for coming along for the ride!  We’ve so got this! 


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