UPDATE - Don't Tax My Dream


No MLTT for Ontario

In the greatest government relations wins in OREA history, Ontario REALTORS® have helped put a stop to one of the largest tax increases on home ownership in a generation.  

Today, the collective opposition to the MLTT was heard in the legislature. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing informed the House that the legislature will not be giving the ability to charge a municipal land transfer tax to Ontario municipalities.

"My job as Minister is to be a voice for our municipal partners.  And that means listening carefully to our partners and stakeholders," said Minister McMeekin.  "While we are currently reviewing feedback from our partners, it is clear that there has been no call for a Municipal Land Transfer Tax. I was pleased to communicate our government position today, that other than Toronto, where the power already exists, our government will not be extending Municipal Land Transfer Tax powers to other Ontario municipalities."




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