4 Week Weigh-In

Well this morning was our first weigh-in after finishing 4 weeks of healthier eating and committing to working out a minimum of 3 times a week!

The results were outstanding and have given us motivation to keep moving forward towards our goals! 

Results for the first 4 weeks


  • Overall Inches LOST: 14.5
  • Pounds LOST: 12
  • Body Fat LOST: 3%


  • Overall Inches LOST: 12
  • Pounds LOST: 12
  • Body Fat LOST: 2%


  • Overall Inches LOST: 10
  • Pounds LOST: 5.6
  • Body Fat LOST: .3%

CONGRATULATIONS to Mark for being the BIGGEST LOSER this past month! He has earned our utmost respect and we are required to tell him about his awesomeness several times a day for the next 4 weeks!  

Our next weigh-in is Monday March 9th!  

We will continue to be committed to sharing our fitness & wellness challenge progress with all of you. Thank you for keeping us accountable.   

As we said before, at the end of this challenge there may be one person who has lost the most inches or the most weight, but really we’re all winners. By working as a team and committing to getting healthier. 

Thank you again for coming along for the ride! 

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