When to list your Muskoka cottage for sale

I'm often asked, when's the best time to list my Muskoka cottage for sale? I've included a graph below showing the unit sales per month, for the past three years, and the first three months of 2014. This graph includes all cottage sales in the Muskoka area.

Typically by now there's a good inventory of cottages, but with this cooler than usual spring, sellers are on hold. With buyers wanting to close the cottage in time to enjoy the summer, May and June tend to be the strongest sale months, but with this miserible spring sellers are waiting to list and holding back the market, creating some pent up demand for buyers ready to buy and start making plans to enjoy the cottage this summer. Buyers need to be patient and leave time for due diligence to become educated on the market, many more listings will be coming to market soon.

I have a number of cottage listings ready to go. We are waiting for the ice to be gone and we'll get started. With a strong March I don't want to wait too long to get these to market.

NOTE: March of 2014 was the strongest March in recent years. If this trend line continues, we could be in for a very active selling season. I'll keep you posted, and wouldn't be surprised if this is the best year yet, post-recession. 

Hang in there folks...Almanac predicts a warmer than usual summer, hard to believe, but it's just around the corner.

If you would like more detailed graphing for your area, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your property, call my cell anytime 705-788-4770 or email john@abenteamcom

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