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Perhaps one of the most popular recreations lakes, Lake Rosseau is one of the “Big Three” (Lake Muskoka, Joseph, Rosseau) jewels of Muskoka that grace the southern end of the Canadian Shield. Approximately 15 miles long and 2 1⁄2 miles wide in most places, its numerous islands, bays, and points make it great location for water sports. 

Lake Rosseau is located just north of Lake Muskoka and northwest of Bracebridge. The village of Rosseau is on the north eastern shore. Rosseau is connected to Muskoka by a lock system at Port Carling and to Lake Joseph through the narrows and Port Sandfield and the Joseph River.

Click here to see Map and Access Points to Lake Rosseau

  • Birch Avenue, Port Carling - docks, launching ramp & parking
  • Dock Road, Brackenrig – dock
  • Gull Rock, Rosseau Lake Road 2 off Hwy 141 - docks, launching ramp & parking
  • Maple Leaf Bay, Windermere – dock
  • Skeleton Bay, Hwy 141 - docks, launching ramp & parking

Lake Size and Depth

 Surface Area
 Maximum Depth
 Lake Rosseau
 55.5 km2 / 23.4 mi2
 60 m / 197 ft


Fish Species

Lake Rosseau supports a variety of fish species including:

Lake Trout
Smallmouth Bass
Rock Bass

Useful Links

Cottage Association: Muskoka Lakes Association

Water Quality: Muskoka Water Web

Zoning Information: Comprehensive Zoning By-Law check with the Muskoka Lakes Township for the most current copy 1-705-765-3156 or visit

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