What is the Importance of having a Home Inspection

There are many reasons for having a Home Inspection and I can say by experience that if some clients not had a Home Inspection done, then it would have cost them thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement of worn out components of the house. Even new homes have issues, believe me. Imagine a failing septic system. The cost to replace could be as high as $10,000 or even more depending on the property. I had six septic failures last year and this related to considerable savings to the clients. Of course this is not always the case but at least you will be well informed on the operating system and components of the house and the expected life span of those components. Many people that move from apartment buildings have no idea on what is required to maintain a house. I report on defects of the home and approximate cost to repair as well, recommend preventative measures for prevent possible damages from occuring. Health, fire and safety concerns are also addressed. The computerized reporting system printed off on-site will give you immediate information that the insurance companies require. The inspection makes you aware of the condition of the property you are considering purchasing. When choosing a Home Inspector ask about credentials, building experience, references and if they are insured.

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