Trying to sell your home?

With most peoples wallets lightening, maybe an Eco-Energy Retrofit will set you apart in this market where the competition is tough. There are two provincial programs to help make these purchases easier; Ontario Home Energy Savings Program - Provincial Government and Cool Savings Rebate - Ontario Power Authority. Here's a brief explanation and links the appropriate web sites.


Energy Savings Program: You can qualify for up to $10,000 for Replacing that energy-guzzling old furnace, improving your insulation, change drafty windows and doors. First a home energy audit needs to be done, which the Government of Ontario is willing to pay half, up to $150. This audit will help determine your best course of action to make your home more efficient. This program was developed to save energy, save the money and reduce greenhouse gases. Click here to get a step by step process to savings.

Cool Savings Rebate: Time to save on those electrical bills? Are you looking at replacing your furnace or air conditioning system? Here's a program that will help, the Ontario Power Authority is offering rebates of up to $550 for replacing your existing air conditioning or heating systems with Energy Star qualified products. These new systems will save you money and make your home more comfortable. Click here to get more information.

Participating Dealers in our area;


  • P. Mirabelli HVAC Contracting 1338 Falkenbury Rd., Bracebridge,ON P1L 1X4 Phone: 705.645.4023 Fax: 705.645.4475 Map


  • Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Co. Ltd 210 Brock Street, Gravenhurst,ON P1P 1H4 Phone: 705.687.3402 Fax: 705.687.7945 Map

  • Stevenson Plumbing & Electric 305 Palmer Drive, Gravenhurst,ON P1P 1A4 Phone: 705-687-4994 Fax: 705-687-1048 Map


  • Shaw Heating Div. Of 1268263 ON Ltd. 81 Centre Street North, Huntsville ON P1H 1T4 Phone: 705.789.8407 Fax: 705.789.7794 Map

  • Tebby Air Conditioning & Heating Ltd. 496 Muskoka Road 3 North, Building B, Huntsville ON P1H 1C6 Phone: 705.789.1711 Fax: 705.789.1430 Website: Map


  • FRC Contracting & Mechanical 1386 Sparrow Lake Rd., Kilworthy ON P0E 1G0 (53 km)Phone: 705.689.6067 Fax: 705.687.7213 Map


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