What is a Professional Certified Arborist?

Arborist.  Excuse me?  Do you know what that is?  My kids say: "Daddy cuts trees down".  They have no idea.  I do everything I can not to cut a tree down.  There are people with chainsaws, and then there are professional Certified Arborists.  We are the people who have studied, tested, trained, and worked hard every day to make sure that the trees which are healthy today, stay that way for a very  (very, very) long time.

When you look up at a tree, what comes to mind? Is it remembering a swing that you had as a child? Maybe it was a hammock... perhaps it's the shade cast over your family picnic table.  When I see a tree I see a lot of things.  I see something that is an integral part of a healthy landscape.  I see something that helps keep our air clean, and something important to a sustainable future.  

Sometimes a tree isn't all that healthy.  What are the signs? Are there things that you can do to help it? Who do you even ask? A Certified Arborist is someone that will be able to look at the soil, consider the roots (think iceberg analogy, there are more roots than you think), and consider the general environment.  Is it the right one for that type of tree? Is your yard going to benefit from it for years to come, or is there a better solution?

If you're buying a new home or cottage in Muskoka, landscaping your existing one, or even just wondering what in the heck that tree is, a Certified Arborist is the person to call.  We'll listen to your needs, work with you to plan a well considered, and long-term program for your trees.  Sometimes they have to come down - you've seen that one - it leans precariously over your deck, or the kids sandbox... but let's talk about it, find the right solution, and plant another one. 

Trees make our lives healthy.  They give us shade, they give us protection, and they clean our air.  At the root of it, they are essential to a sustainable landscape.  And that's what we're all after these days isn't it? To ensure that what we have today, is there for tomorrow. If not improved for our children, at the least we should make sure they'll have a great swing.


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