Algonquin Provincial Park

Whether you have been coming to Algonquin for years or are just now considering your first trip, I want you to have a visit worthy of what is truly a magnificent landscape.

Of course, the chances are good that you will, because Algonquin has obviously occupied a very special place in the hearts and minds of a great many people for a very long time.

Millions of people have precious memories of an Algonquin experience — perhaps the unforgettable fishing trip twenty years ago, perhaps falling asleep after a hard day with the wild calls of loons reverberating from ancient moonlit hills, or perhaps marvelling from a clifftop at wild, rugged country stretching as far as the eye can see.

Indeed, as a refuge from our urban way of life, Algonquin's 7,630 square kilometres of forests, lakes, and rivers have assumed an almost incalculable importance as a living link with a vanishing past. How many city children have, or will, come to Algonquin and hear for the first and only time in their lives the mournful howl of a wolf? How many will see first-hand — in Algonquin and nowhere else — a reasonable facsimile of the wilderness that once covered all of Ontario?

I hope that with this link below, you will find all that you require to plan an enjoyable and memorable trip to Algonquin!

Important Links:

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