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What Type of Market was 2014?

Year In Review The following charts will give you a quick glimpse into the Muskoka real estate market, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more details, or check-out the newly improved Interactive Graphing feature on our website, now with median pricing and unit sales by price range, click here. Overall unit sales for Muskoka has increased +11.26% (... Read More...

When to list your Muskoka cottage for sale

I'm often asked, when's the best time to list my Muskoka cottage for sale? I've included a graph below showing the unit sales per month, for the past three years, and the first three months of 2014. This graph includes all cottage sales in the Muskoka area. Typically by now there's a good inventory of cottages, but with this cooler than usual spring, sellers... Read More...

Are you thinking of buying a Muskoka cottage?

For over 20 years Royal LePage has been helping more families find their perfect piece of Muskoka than any other real estate company. Our strength rests with the individual and collective expertise of our sales professionals who pride themselves on being your knowledge base when it comes to buying Muskoka waterfront properties. From road access, to local bylaws, to property val... Read More...

What Type of Market was 2013?

In the early to mid 2000's it was a seller's market with not enough supply for the demand. In late 2008 when the stock markets crashed it quickly became a buyer's market and we saw a correction in price of between 10-15%. It only took a couple years for the prices to rebound back to pre-recession numbers. Looking at the above chart you will notice that the prim... Read More...

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